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The Well Dancer: A Support Group for Dancers Dealing with Injury

Thursdays, September 18 - November 20
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
The Actors Fund
729 7th Avenue, 10th Floor

This group is geared toward professional dancers dealing with significant injury.  The goal of the group is to help mitigate the isolation many dancers experience during recovery from injury, by providing emotional support and sharing resources with each other.

A pre-group interview is required to help ensure a positive group experience.  If you cannot make the dates specified but would like to participate, please contact Amy Wilder, LCSW at or 917.281.5917. Groups will be offered on a rolling basis throughout the year.

Feel free to forward to anyone in the industry who would benefit from this service given by The Actors Fund.

Part-Time Work Opportunity for Actors

The Actors Fund Work Program is working with an employer who is looking to hire actors in Phoenix and Seattle.  The employer is a health care provider and the actors will be playing “patients” for the purposes of training doctors and other staff. 

This will be a part-time opportunity, starting at the end of September. 


  • Actors willing to be "patients" for team members training to be Health Coaches in a new doctor's office
  • Adults, 65+ (the office will be serving senior patients)
  • Adults, (30-65) (the office will work with many caregivers of seniors also)
  • In Phoenix, we'd like at least one bilingual, Spanish speaking actor
  • In Seattle, we'd like at least one bilingual (any language) actor

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to Caitlin Sorenson at



To All Plan B Participants 

The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) prohibits the continued existence of standalone health reimbursement plans like AGMA Health Plan B. The Plan’s Union Trustees, Employer Trustees and the Plan’s lawyers have spent the past year trying to find a way in which to let members continue to use the money currently in their Plan B accounts.

The Trustees and the Trust’s lawyers have determined that the only way in which to comply with the law and to allow maximum use of the funds in their Plan B accounts by the largest number of participants was to ‘freeze’ the accounts going forward effective September 1, 2014.

Plan B will thus be amended so that accounts with contributions received by August 31, 2014 will be segregated and no further amounts will be credited to such accounts.  Such “frozen” accounts will not be thereafter increased based on contributions received after September 1, 2014 or any interest crediting.  Such accounts will continue to be subject to the current administrative rules.  (Forfeited amounts will continue to be allocated to Plan A and B expenses based on the current rules).

Participants may continue to receive reimbursement from their frozen accounts based on the traditional rules, EXCEPT that no one may be reimbursed for premiums for individual health insurance policies or for copays incurred under such individual policies.   In other words, claims incurred before or after September 1, 2014 are eligible for reimbursement from frozen accounts subject to the above restriction on individual insurance policies as well as the applicable Plan rules (including the deadline for claims submission).

Going forward, AGMA intends to amend all of its contracts so that there will be no further contributions to Plan B. Instead, contributions that previously were directed to Plan B under current contracts will now be directed into individual retirement accounts in your name in the AGMA Retirement Plan.

Obviously, we recognize that this change will disadvantage some current Plan B participants. Please keep in mind that the Affordable Care Act prevents the continuation of current Plan B rules and necessitated these changes, and that all other possible changes would have disadvantaged far more members far more seriously. Also, despite the similarity of names, the AGMA Health Plan is not AGMA and the AGMA Trustees on the Plan had no choice but to comply with the law.

Please note: Different rules affect employers that offer both Plan A & Plan B (or allow the direction of Plan A contributions to Plan B), and members at those companies can contact their local Area representative or the National Office with questions for guidance, although the only definitive answers regarding the rules of the Plan can come from Derek Davis, AGMA Health Fund Executive Director, at (212) 765-3664.

To find your current Plan B balance, sign in at, or call Administrative Services Only toll-free at (866) 263-1185 for help. 




The Pennsylvania State University seeks emerging professional directors for its unique,
three-year, financially supported, MFA Directing for the Musical Theatre Stage program, headed by Susan H. Schulman.  

The deadline for initial applications for the fall of 2015 is October 6, 2014.  

Penn State provides complete financial support for each graduate student. Assistantships include full tuition waiver and a yearly cash stipend (approximately $13,650, including summer; years 2-3 approximately $13,050). Graduate students will assist in Theatre 100 and various other studios. During the summer following the first year in residence, all graduate students in theatre spend a five week session studying in London. Additional international travel opportunities are available.   

This unique Master of Fine Arts degree program combines traditional director training with the special tools needed for directing in the professional musical theatre. Integrated into the School’s other MFA programs and it's nationally recognized Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre, the applicant will train with acting, dance, voice, and design faculty. The degree candidate will direct a minimum of five projects including a fully mounted thesis production. The program includes several onsite interactions with directors and designers during pre-production and tech in New York City. Students will also intern with a master director on a professional Musical Theatre production. Included in the program is attendance at several Broadway shows per season.  

For more information, go to

And don’t forget to apply to SDCF’s Observership Program by May 30 to be eligible
for 25 paid opportunities shadowing master directors and choreographers!  

Visit for information, program guidelines and application.




Attention New York City Opera singers:

New York City Opera has filed for bankruptcy protection. AGMA is preparing a claim on behalf of AGMA artists who have contracts to perform in any production scheduled for the 2013-2014 season. In order to file an accurate claim please send a copy of your contract to Candace Itow by email (, fax (212-262-9088) or regular mail to the national office as soon as possible. It does not matter whether NYCO returned a fully executed copy to you, since use of your name in publicity indicates that there is a pursuable commitment. In addition please include contact information that you would like us to use to contact you.









AGMA is proud to announce that the New Delegate Handbook is here!

Go to the Members Only Section of our site by clicking "Members Only" above.

Login and click on the "Delegates" link to the left,

then click on "Delegate Handbook" link in the dropdown menu.

Thank you to MMRCfor all of their efforts

in providing this valuable tool to AGMA Delegates.


AGMA and Actors’ Equity Make Peace

Of special interest to members is the fact that
now members of either union can attend the
other union’s auditions.

AGMA members, who have been members for
at least one calendar year, can attend
Equity auditions without joining Equity.
The cost to join Equity would be their
then current initiation fee less the
$500 initiation fee previously paid to AGMA.
AGMA has a standard letter that needs to be
presented to Equity upon joining. You can
obtain that letter by calling the Membership
Department at (212) 265-3687.

Additionally, current member of Actors’ Equity
may join AGMA as an affiliate union. In such
a case, only half the Initiation Fee and $78 for
annual Basic Dues are required ($328). In
addition, both AGMA and Equity members
in good standing are allowedto attend the
other union’s auditions without joining the
other union.

Click Here for full article


Discounts for AGMA Members
AGMA members in good standing are eligible
for a number of great discounts. Go to the
Members Only section by clicking
the Members Only button on the top banner
above, login and view our various discounts
with instructions on how to access them.

For AGMA discounts through Union Plus 
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If you know of additional discounts that are available to AGMA members, please email the information to the AGMA office .
Check back for updates!


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Guest Artist Agreement Now in Place: 
Agreement Document

Notice about illegal videotaping

Code of Standards for Agents and Managers 

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